The Way We Passed the Time on Road Trips in the Old Days

The best family vacation that I ever had was going on a road trip to Myrtle Beach. The trip was for 2 weeks during March break from school. It was my brother, mum, dad and I. this trip was probly about 20 years ago so it was before the time of things like portable video games and being able to watch movies in the back seat. S

So to pass the many hours of travel my brother and I had to entertain ourselves and each other. My mum would set the back set up so that it was out own little playroom. She would pack everything up in the feet well so that we had a big level area to play in. We would play cards, play i-spy, board games. When it got to the point that we were at each other's throat we would be sent back to out own side of the seat and would be forced to either nap or read by ourselves until we could be civil to each other again. I can remember us playing for quite sometime when we turned the back seat into a space ship and travelled around the earth.

Another time we turned it into a kitchen and had a bake off. But the thing that I remember the most and that gave us many, many, many hours of enjoyment was using each others faces as silly putty and making funny faces. We would see how far we could stretch each others mouth open, see how thin we could make the others eye by pulling on it. We would see how many rolls we could create by smooching their face up with all our mite. We would keep going until one of us called mercy because we had to give our faces a rest.

So while I can remember us having a great time on the beach, us all having a blast on different mini golf courses, laughing lots trying to put the tent up in the rain and having the chance the see a bunch of different states what I remember the most of that trip and what always makes me smile the most is remembering the pain that our faces would be in after a few hours of being in the car and entertaining ourselves in the back.

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