My Own Accidental Vacation

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My husband and I have three kids and 3 jobs between the two of us. With our own business and jobs that do not leave time for vacations, let alone the kids who do not leave us time for a vacation on our own, we have never taken a romantic, relaxing vacation...until now. It seems one man's disaster is another couple's accidental and forced vacation. I'll start the vacation a few hours before the mishap.

While on our way back from a business trip in New York, the GPS in our van malfunctioned. With my husband sleeping in the back, I drove through the heart of Harlem. When he woke up, he was a little more than surprised. Fortunately, we were not harmed in anyway, even though our license plate read GMANS LDY (refer to the term for government agent and you will get it). When we were finally able to get out of New York City, and get the GPS in an almost working condition, we got back on the highway.

But luck would not stay with us. The transmission to the van blew in Waterbury, Connecticut. We ended up being able to pull over at a convenience store called Winzz. This store was owned by an amazingly kind man who let us keep it there for the weekend as we could not get a mechanic to look at it until Monday (it was Friday). We stayed at the Super 8 in Waterbury. The placement of the hotel could not have been better for us. My husband is an incredible singer and spends much of his free time singing karaoke. That night we found that there was a bar, Muskey's Pub, behind the Super 8 that had karaoke on Sunday. My husband also loves food. There were no stores or other entertainment around...but there were 8 restaurants within a quarter mile. With a weekend of my favorite sport (pool), and karaoke, and food, we had an amazing weekend by ourselves. We slept. We ate. We were merry.

If I had a chance for another vacation, I would spend it right there.

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