Why UK Holidays Are Better Than Going Abroad

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There are many reasons to do a "staycation" than holiday abroad. This article will take a closer look at a number of compelling reasons to keep your passport in your drawer and discover more of the UK.

The pound is weak, and has been for years now
The pound has lost a lot of value against many other currencies over recent years. It's not just Brexit, but since the GFC in 2008, the pound has leaked a lot of value against the USD, EUD, AUD, NZD...even exotic currencies like the THB (Thailand), it's lost up to 50% of its value! That means holidays are much more expensive than they used to be since you get less foreign currency for each pound you exchange.

It can be a hassle to travel abroad
I know some will disagree here (especially the young, free and singl!)...that we should put up with any hassle to travel abroad in the name of adventure. I get that. However, for those people who work stressful jobs and/or have a young family, a trip abroad is going to have its own stresses. All it will take is a cancelled flight, and your holiday can be in ruins. A UK-based holiday is smaller scale, less stressful, easier to plan, you don't need to exchange money, don't need a passport, no language barrier (where applicable), no jet lag, and you can still play the National Lottery!

You might find a "second home"
If you find a nice spot in the UK, it can almost become your second home. Many British people return to the same destination year after year because they enjoy it there. Moreover, it's usually not that arduous a journey to get there and back. Some people even end up making it their FIRST home in retirement.

You learn more about the UK
A trip to a new part of the UK can really open your eyes. I remember when a friend visited Scotland for the first time. He described it as another dimension! While such a phrase conjoured up Star Trek in my mind, it only took him an hour's flight from Birmingham to Glasgow to boldly go where he hadn't been before. This is a great experience because it can open up new possibilities in your life. You might decide you want to live in such a place one day.

You can get in the habit of the "weekend away"
Many people who travel abroad do so once a year. They save, they plan, they book time off work, they holiday. All well and good, but I know many of these types NEVER bother to see other parts of the UK. They literally go nowhere all year apart from when they travel abroad. It's a shame really, since most people tend to have a few days off each week...that time could be spent travelling around the UK on "mini-breaks". You can really refresh your mind in just a few days because such trips don't require a lot of planning.

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