Why Is Hungary a Popular Dental Tourism Destination for Brits?

Huge savings coupled with quality treatment and great customer service has made Hungary a popular destination for dental tourism, especially for the Brits.

Getting to the basics, dental tourism is also known as dental vacations or dental holidays (in UK). Here, you travel to a different country for your dental treatments, which can save you a lot of money.

60 to 70,000 Brits opt for the dental tourism every year and at least half of them go to Hungary. You can class="InternetLink">save at least 40 to on your treatment cost while receiving a high-quality service and that too quickly. Hungary is just 2.5 hours from the UK via flight. Most of Hungary's best dental clinics are found in its capital Budapest. You can reach Budapest via flights from all the locations in the UK with a return flight costing as little as 40 pounds. You can get quicker appointments compared to the UK. You can finish the dental treatment and fly back to the UK on the same day.

However, few treatments such as dental implants may need 3 to 4 sittings or may need you to stay. It's worth combining tourism with a dental treatment at Hungary, as it gives you high-quality services at affordable prices. Most of the high-quality clinics are in Budapest which is also great for and It has hills to offer you a sight-seeing from the height as well as the enchanting river view. The city also has castles which look awesome at night.

Hungary is also famous for its thermal spas and they are worth a try for some relaxation before or after your treatment. Three-star hotels there cost you only 20 pounds per night. The clinic that you choose for your dental treatment may also give you a spa service and accommodation free of cost. Most of the clinics pick you up from the airport as well as drop you at the airport.

Though Hungary gives you a high-quality dental treatment what makes it economical?

Rents, labor cost, maintenance, and utilities at Hungary, cost lesser than that at the UK. Dentists at Hungary have higher profit margins which they invest in their clinics to enrich their clinics further. Because of the dental tourism boom and higher competition, there is a downtrend in prices as more and more Hungarian clinics are opting for dental tourism. Few clinics in the remote areas may offer you services at a further lower price. However, not all clinics may give you the standard treatment.

Be sure to check for the following before you decide the clinic for your treatment:

1. Find a reputable clinic

Online reviews can help you assess the reputation of the clinic. No doubt Hungary has a higher standard of practice in comparison to most of the UK clinics. The Hungarian government has laid stricter regulations for dental practices at Hungary. Hungarian dentists have to maintain stringent standards for obtaining and maintaining a license to practice. Check if your dentist is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber. It's very tough to get through this but as It's a matter of prestige,most of the Hungarian clinics keep trying for it. You may also check if the clinic has ISO 9001 accreditation.

2. Understand the procedure thoroughly from your dentist

Be sure to discuss your treatment in detail including the follow-up and procedure for complications if any. Some of the Hungarian clinics have a with UK clinics which can make it easier for you. Ask questions to be thorough. You may want to make a checklist of what to expect when you are at Hungary.

3. Talk to your dentist about the medical facilities in case of emergencies such as food poisoning and discuss about the travel insurance.

4. Calculate the total cost of your trip and compare it with your hometown

You may want to talk about the other facilities that the clinic provides such as pick-up and drop or recreational facilities such as tie up for a local tour or spa.

What are the risks of dental tourism?

If your treatment goes wrong, you have very little chance with a foreign clinic to exercise any kind of guarantee. If you have to travel again to get another treatment, your travel and time off from work might not be compensated. Be sure to check guarantee terms with the clinic before starting the treatment.

The most common example is dental implant failure. On average about class="InternetLink">2% of the implants even if they were placed by an experienced oral surgeon with the utmost care, just because the body rejects the implant. In such cases you might end up paying a lot more than you would have if you sticked to a local dental clinic.

How to mitigate the risks?

Finding the right dental clinic abroad can be a challenging task. There are many dental clinicsin Hungary that are so specialised in dental tourism that they have their own dentistry in the UK. It's best to browse the websites of such clinics and chose one of them to provide you dental treatment.

With such clinics you can have a consultation and after-care in the UK and only have the more complex - and expensive - treatments in

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