What to Buy in Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos is a hugely popular tourist destination on the Mediterranean coastline of Cyprus, close to the Aphrodite Hills golf resort. It's possibly one of the most beautiful and safest places to visit in Europe during the Coronavirus Crisis.

The people behind Villa Eleaina, a private Aphrodite Hills villa, shared with us their top things to buy on a visit to this beautiful, historic city.

Cyprus Wine
Cyprus has been a vine-growing country for centuries and even as far back as the 1800s, wine was a staple of Cypriot diet. You will find there are several qualities of wine, all of which can be purchased from many of the shops in Paphos. These qualities are table wine, local wine, and protected designation of origin. Local wine requires 85% of more of the grapes be grown locally while protected designation is the highest quality of wine available and something you will simply have to experience for yourself. On average Cypriot wine can be purchased for around 6-7 euros per .75 liters, however, there are more expensive bottles as well.

Halloumi Cheese
Are you a fan of Halloumi? Though it is much debated, it is generally understood that Halloumi originated in Cyprus in the mid 16th century. The locals much depended on halloumi as a source of protein in the early days and the communities would often come together and make large batches together. So if you would like to try this famous cheese from it's country of origin, pick up some fresh halloumi from one of the local markets or supermarkets you're sure to find on your visit to Paphos.

Filfar Liqueur
Fiflar is a traditional orange liqueur allegedly dating back to the 12th century where it was reportedly produced by monks in a Cypriot monestary. It takes 16-18 oranges to produce just one bottle, and each one is carefully peeled by hand, producing a distinctly cypriot tipple that's hughely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Filfar is a tangy but mellow taste and one that is certainly worth the trip. Filfar will cost you around 15-20 euros per 700 ML depending on the market.

Carob Products
The carob tree holds a special place in cypriot culture and history. Found indiginously in the Kouklia area surrounding Paphos, this was once an area of significant cultivation. Carob is similar to chocolate, a sweet and healthy substitute used for syrups, chips, candies and liquers. Carob has enjoyed a surge in popularity among health food shops in Europe in recent years, but it has been enjoyed here in Cyprus for generations.

Pick up some of the carob containing products which are often very healthy, and deliciously sweet.

Cypriot Pottery
Cypriot Biochrome ware is a type of pottery that became popular in the late days of the Bronze Age and is found across all of Cyprus today. This kind of pottery was made on a pottery wheel and comes with a variety of decorations. It's reminiscent of Egyptian pottery and distinct for it's two black and red lines between which feature floral or zoomorphic decorations.

Pottery such as this is available for purchase all across Cyprus, and certainly in Paphos. You can pick up this traditional pottery at a range of price points based on size and quality.