Top 6 Mediterranean Cruise Locations

There are few getaways more memorable than a stunning cruise around the Mediterranean. The ancient ruins and stunning beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean attract millions of tourists every year. Thanks to a luxurious cruise, you'll be able to enjoy the atmosphere, sun yourself on the top deck and break out your breath-taking to make a real impact on your fellow passengers.

Any kind of Mediterranean cruise is bound to be a life changing experience. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect cruise for you. Whether you want to take in the ancient culture of Athens or immerse yourself in the thriving culture of Cannes, there is bound to be a perfect cruise for you.

Finding the Perfect Cruise for You
Before you start to look at the wide range of cruises available in 2018, you need to try and think about what you most want to get out of the cruise. If you want to experience ancient architecture or breath-taking natural views, you'll be looking for a different destination than if you want to throw yourself into chic nightclubs and cultural festivals across Europe.

Whether you want to experience art and history, take in stunning views or just want somewhere to work on your tan, the perfect cruise is waiting for you. Setting sail on a cruise around the Mediterranean can also be a great excuse to get a whole new outfit!

Finding the perfect cruise wear is important when it comes to how you experience your getaway.

Top 6 Cruise Destinations in the Mediterranean
Choosing the right destination for you is an essential part of any cruise getaway. If you really want to enjoy your time in the Mediterranean, try to book a cruise which visits multiple cities and sites. This way, you'll be able to experience a range of different cultures, enjoy stunning food from across Europe and take in truly unique views on a daily basis!

Top Cruise Destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean
Athens, The Ancient Capital of Greece
The ancient capital of Greece spent hundreds of years as the centre of the world. Its rich history has been recorded in epic poems and stories which have spread across the world. The city still features a range of incredible sites and locations which are guaranteed to take your breath away.

Some of things that you absolutely must see when cruising to Athens include:
  • The Acropolis.
  • The Parthenon.
  • The Temple of Athena Nike.
  • The Agora of Athens.
Dubrovnik, a Croatian UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dubrovnik is a stunning city in the heart of Croatia. This city is covered in monasteries and churches which are centuries old. Its narrow, cobblestone streets are unlike any other place in the world. They are perfect for long, gentle walks in the sun while enjoying stunning architecture and some of the best coffee in the world.

No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without:
  • A Trip Around the Ancient City Walls.
  • A Unique Tour of the Old Town.
  • A Visit to Fort Lovrijenac and the
  • Rector's Palace.
Venice, A City Unlike Any Other
Venice is the most romantic city in the world. Built in the ocean, Venice doesn't have roads, it has rivers. The
unique beauty of tall, narrow buildings blend together with breath-taking architecture. Stunning coffee houses and wine bars nestle together in close streets, all surrounded by the sound of the gondolier's singing.

While in Venice, you need to:
  • Take a Walk along the Rialto.
  • Enjoy a Romantic Gondolier Ride along the Main Canal.
  • Feed the Pigeons in San Marco's Plaza.
  • Take a Boat over to Murano, Italy's
  • Famous Glass Island.
  • Enjoy a Bellini in the Famous Harry's Bar.
Top Cruise Destinations in the Western Mediterranean
Rome, The Centre of the World

Rome has spent thousands of years as the centre of the world. The mark this this city has left on the world cannot be measured. There is so much to see and do in the ancient city that you'll only be able to see a fraction of it during a single trip. You could stay here for a week and still depart with things to do.

During any trip to Rome, you need to:
  • Admire the World-Famous Colosseum.
  • Walk Around the Old Roman Forum.
  • Get Your Picture Taken at the Trevi Fountain.
  • Take in The Stunning Sistine Chapel.
Barcelona, The Capital of Catalonia
The capital of Spain's Catalonia region is one of the most vibrant and beautiful places in Europe. The blend of European Gothic design and more modern curves makes the entire city completely unique. If you're looking for a life-changing experience, then a simple walk around the capital of Catalonia is often enough.

If you do decide to pass through Barcelona, you need to:
  • Admire Sagrada Familia, a Unique Church
  • Designed by Antoni Gaudi.
  • Stroll along Las Ramblas.
  • Taste Unbeatable Tapas and Wash It Down with Ice-Cold Sangria.
Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo, A Coastal View of the French Riviera
A cruise along the French Riviera can offer endless stunning views and allow you to enjoy days in unique towns and cities. The warm weather, the breath-taking views and the incredible beaches bring millions of tourists from across the world every year.

While cruising the French Riviera, you should always:
  • Have a Flutter in the Famous Monte Carlo Casino.
  • Take a Trip to St. Paul de Vence, a 16th Century Village Set High Above the Coastline.
  • Submerse Yourself in Culture at Cannes.
Finding the Perfect Cruise Wear for Your Trip
The Mediterranean is a thoroughly stylish place, especially when you are touring it on a luxury cruise. Finding the right cruise wear outfits can be extremely difficult, as you need to blend comfort, convenience and breath-taking style.

You need to make sure that you dress for the weather and that day's activities. Crop trousers coupled with a pair of are always a great choice for touring heritage sites or dancing the night away. Of an evening, elegant dresses are always a stylish choice.

Whether you're dining on board the cruise ship or enjoying the local cuisine in a stylish late-night restaurant, these dresses are perfect if you want to make a real impression. Brighter colours are also perfect for day wear and finding a dark outfit with a bold splash of colour is the best way to make an impact of an evening.

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