Things to Consider When Building a Campervan Body

Today the "Van Life" is more popular than ever. People from all around the world are abandoning traditional hotel stay holidays, for something a bit more rugged and free. People are beginning to see the appeal that a personal campervan can bring. Freedom, exploration and adventure (or should that be advanture). Before you hit the road though, you'll need a campervan. Sure, you could hire one, but having something you built yourself really adds to the appeal. It becomes more than holiday, it becomes a hobby and way of life. Here are some things to consider when building your very own campervan.

The Van

First thing's first, you need a van and it needs to be a good one. After all, this is going to be your home away from home. Naturally, buying a new van costs money and you'll also need to have some left over for the initial conversion. There's a few types of vans to choose from. Do you opt for a traditional VW Westfallia or something newer and bigger like a Mercedes Sprinter? The VW has style, but some may argue that the Sprinter is more practical. Choose wisely, this shouldn't be an impulse buy.

The Conversion

Now that you've got your van, you need to convert it into a home on wheels. This is a big task, but don't daunt on that, it's also a lot of fun! You're going to need somewhere to sit, sleep and relax so it's important to get something comfy to rest on. Either build yourself a seating and bed frame or invest in a rock and roll bed frame which doubles up as both. Also remember to get some cut to to sit on top and make sure that it's comfy. You'll also need to make arrangements for eating, so a camping stove is definitely worth looking into.

Your Destination

Once your conversion is complete, the next choice is entirely up to you. Where do you drive to? Perhaps you could take a trip down to the beach or visit the countryside. Wherever you choose to go, do your research beforehand to make the most of your trip. Be safe on the road and enjoy the Van Life!

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