The Independence Day that I Spent in South Korea

I am American and I really enjoy Independence Day. I do not necessarily enjoy the holiday for what it celebrates instead, I enjoy the holiday because I almost always go to the beach to visit my family, who I don't get to see very often. The holiday has a lot of sentimental meaning for me. In the afternoon, my family and all the neighbors gather for a big meal, usually a low-country boil. My favorite part of the meal is dessert, which is usually cookies, pies, and cakes of Cool Whip and berries, all made to look like the American flag. After we eat, we head over to another neighbor's house along the Intercoastal Waterway and watch all of the fireworks display put on by the surrounding towns.

However, a few years ago I skipped the trip to the beach and decided to visit my best friend, who was studying abroad in South Korea. I flew to visit her a few days before Independence Day and we traveled around Seoul, visiting the zoo, a Buddhist temple, museums, shopping centersand eating lots of great food. At first, I had felt guilty about not visiting my family, but I really enjoyed myself and do not regret taking the trip. I flew out of Seoul and began the long series of layovers and connections back home. I was flying back into my city on the evening of the Fourth of July. As the plane descended for its landing, I could see fireworks all over the placeit was a beautiful sight that I doubt I will ever see again. I appreciated this spectacular view, which I would not have seen if I had not taken the trip to Seoul.

Since that summer, I have spent several more Independence Days at the beach. I always enjoy the company, the food, and the fireworks. I am looking forward to many more of my favourite holidays.

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