The Fun Things You Can Do on Holiday at Seaworld!

My favorite holiday was on a recent trip to Seaworld in Orlando, Florida. I went with my best friend, her husband, and her two older kids. We had an amazing time! First, we went to the stingray tank. There were at least fifty of them swimming around. They were all different sizes. We got to pet the really big one, and even feed it a fish. Then, we headed over to see the dolphins. We got to touch on of their backs as they swam by. At the underground viewing you could see the various dolphins playing with each other under the water. It looked like they were having a ball. They even would jump out of the water on their own to do a flip.

At the penguin exhibit, we saw all different types of penguins. The puffins were the cutest, but there was also a huge brown fluffy one. He was my favorite. At the shark tank, you stand on a moving sidewalk that takes you underneath a tube where there are sharks swimming all around you. It’s so fascinating!

After we rode the “Wild Artic” ride, we went down a hallway to see the beluga whales and polar bears. The belugas made a horrible noises when they were playing. It was like a baby scream, but they were happy. The polar bears were playing with a huge ball, which was fun to watch. At the “Clyde and Seymor” show there were seals, otters, and a huge walrus all dressed as pirates and looking for treasure.

The last thing we did was go see the “Shamu “show. We got there super early to get good seats in the first row. The trainers were playing/training the whales. It was so interesting to watch. Finally the show started, and we got soaked! The killer whales are magnificent to watch.

After this the park was about to close so we had to get back in the car and head home. Best holiday ever!

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