The Benefits of Holiday Cottage Reviews

My Cottage Holiday is the leading web site for holiday and covers holiday homes in the UK and Ireland. My Cottage Holiday is independent, it is not owned by any agency and allows users to place reviews with over 15 000 holiday cottages listed. Independent owners of holiday cottages are able to put their holiday property on the site for free and customers are allowed to leave reviews for free, there is no catch! Even if the holiday cottage that a customer wants to leave a review for is not listed, customers can also upload reviews, the site is completely independent and that is what makes the difference.

The ability to leave a review is very important, the majority of people now book a holiday online, many without even talking to another person and reviews are therefore really important in providing confidence in the booking process. The majority of holiday cottage bookers want to read reviews but it is often the case that they don't trust reviews on the relevant booking web site because they may be biased. In any industry, it is unlikely that an owner of a business will post a poor review on their own site, that could be financially damaging to their business. Thus, having and independent review web site is great for researching a holiday cottage for potential customers.

In fact, this whole process works both ways, if a cottage owner has great reviews on an independent site, it provides credibility to the reviews as they are more likely to be genuine and actually reflect the relevant holiday home. My Cottage Holiday allows independent owners with a few cottages to list them for free. This helps the owners because if they link to their cottage review page, they can provide independent evidence of the quality of the holiday cottage on an external site. In fact, one of the final tasks that many of us do before we book a holiday is to read a review, this is the key point in the buying process so if owners have good reviews, they get good bookings and My Cottage Holiday as an holiday home review web helps owners of holiday cottages to generate more bookings.

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