Strategies To Reduce Employees' Business Travel Expenses

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The costs of business trips tend to add up quickly and unsupervised employee travel expenses can leave a huge chunk in your corporate budget. Employers who are trying to control travel costs know that making corporate travel savings is a challenge especially if you have to consider many factors into account. With a smart process in place, there are various ways to keep your expenses down without compromising on traveller safety or services.

Develop and implement a corporate travel policy
Setting out clear procedures for a proper approval process, guidelines on bookings and reservations as well as on-site spending and expenses will help your employees on business travel make decisions that stay within company policies and don't incur additional, unexpected costs.

Plan ahead
Flights and hotel prices tend to dramatically increase in price when booked close to the scheduled time so it is only wise to book these in advance to save more money.

Make savings on airline flights
Another way to reduce your corporate travel costs is by getting alerts for discounted rates and airfare promotions. You could also make arrangements with one airline to use their services for business trips to possibly receive a corporate discount on every flight.

Cut the cost of hotels
This does not mean unethically asking your employees to share one hotel room if they are on a joint or group business trip. You could always opt for less expensive hotel chains without sacrificing standards such as cleanliness and other comfort amenities.

Encourage your employees to be more productive on the road
Less taxi usage can save a lot of money and it might not hurt to make some suggestions for your employees to use less expensive public transportation and shuttle services whenever possible especially when travelling between hotels and airports.

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