Our Memorable Vacation Experience in Kentucky

My favorite holiday was last year, when my wife and I went to Kentucky. It was a dream of ours to see the mountains and to see horses, because that is something that my wife enjoys.

So, we planned our trip to Kentucky, with an itinerary that allowed us to visit the Kentucky Derby is Louisville, as well horse parks in Lexington, as well as some other notable sights in the region. Driving out to Kentucky was exciting in and of itself, as we were able to see some wonderful scenery. Once in Kentucky, we first went to visit the Kentucky Derby Museum.

As part of this experience, we took a tour of the racetrack and backstretch. It was a thoroughly rewarding experience, and we learned so much. After that, we planned to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, where a number of retired race horses are boarded, including the famous Cigar. We went on a cloudy day, so the temperature was not too hot, and the crowds were thin. It was delightful. Then, we did a few more stops in Louisville, Kentucky, including a stop at the Louisville Slugger Museum, where they make the famous baseball bats. We also did a quick tour of the Science Museum.

From there, we traveled south to visit Mammoth Cave National Park, where we were able to walk into a huge cavern under the ground. It was a little crowded, but we still enjoyed seeing the wonder of Godís hand. While in the area, we also stopped at the first Colonel Sanderís first restaurant, which later led to the chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. On our way home, we were hoping to stop at the Country Music Museum, but we ran out of time. We drove back through West Virginia, and were able to see some of the beauty of that state, along with all the coal mining. It was a memorable experience.

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