On Why I Rented an Apartment In Rome Instead of Booked a Hotel

I love travelling around Europe when I have the time in fact I do a LOT of travelling for both work and pleasure. However, a creeping annoyance was infesting my mind more and more with each journey I took. I'd certainly enjoyed the destinations - each and everyone has something unique to offer. But there was something about the formality, the convention, the orthodoxy of staying in a hotel that would make me feel like each trip had a similarity to each other. I grew tired of the locations of the hotels, the politeness (yes!) of the staff - I became jaded by being seen as a tourist or business traveller all the time. I wanted to see these places in a more informal, natural way.

On a trip to Rome, I found my answer - to rent an apartment. I know what you're thinking - you don't want to stay for months, just a couple of days. You can STILL rent certain apartments in Rome on a daily basis! What's more, they generally cost 50% less than a hotel of the same quality, but have twice the size too! I rented one right in the old center as well. I'd been to Rome three times before and each time stayed at a hotel. It was on this fourth trip that I really felt I saw Rome without all the protocols and formalities that tourists can seemingly never escape. It was wonderful. If you're interested in renting an apartment in Rome, there's here.

On my next trip to wherever, I'll be looking at short-stay apartments, not hotels - that's for sure!

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"I rented an apartment in Rome myself during my last trip with my family. We were staying for 10 days, and we felt that the apartment gave us more flexibility and comfort than a hotel would have. We had access to a kitchen, living area, and separate bedrooms. This allowed us to save money on eating out every meal, as we were able to cook some meals at home. Additionally, the ability to have a living space where we could relax and spread out was essential for us after long days of sightseeing. It also gave us an opportunity to experience life in a neighborhood, rather than being in a touristy hotel area. We found that the locals were friendly and helpful, and we enjoyed shopping at the nearby markets for fresh produce and other items. Overall, I think staying in an apartment enhanced our trip and made our Rome experience more authentic."
Karen S.

"I have to admit, the decision to rent an apartment in Rome instead of booking a hotel was a game changer for me. I was traveling solo for a month and needed a place that would feel like home. Renting an apartment gave me the opportunity to live among the locals and really immerse myself in their culture. I loved waking up every morning to the sounds of the neighborhood, picking up fresh bread at the bakery downstairs, and sipping espresso at the bar on the corner. In addition, having my own kitchen allowed me to cook some of my meals, which not only saved money but also gave me a chance to experiment with local ingredients. The sense of independence and freedom I felt during my stay was irreplaceable, and I know I made the right choice."
Sebastian V.

"During our honeymoon in Rome, my husband and I decided to rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel. We wanted a more intimate and personal experience, and the apartment we found in Trastevere was perfect for us. It was situated in a charming building with a lovely courtyard, and we loved spending our mornings on the terrace, enjoying breakfast and planning our day. The apartment also gave us the privacy we desired, unlike a hotel where you would constantly be surrounded by other guests and staff. It was truly our little oasis in the heart of the city. Moreover, being able to do our laundry and having the option to cook at home was a huge plus. We left Rome with wonderful memories, and our apartment rental played a significant role in making our honeymoon unforgettable."
Camille R.

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