Oh What a Great, Unexpected Christmas Surprise!

If your family is like mine it is spread out all across the world. It is very rare to remember us all in one place for a holiday let alone any other day. About five years ago, my Aunts that live in South Carolina had decided to plan a secret trip up to Pennsylvania to see us all.

Christmas morning my mom, dad, sister, brother and I all opened our gifts just like every other Christmas. My siblings and I helped cook the Christmas Ham that we would soon be taking to my Grandma's for the holiday feast we would be enjoying. After the ham was ready my mom dressed up in our best attire and off to my grandma's house we went. We arrived, my uncle and his wife were already there with their two kids Jordan and Anna Marie. My grandma was often frazzled when she arrived because, she was still in the middle of cooking.

My brother and I took our younger cousins outside in the snow to make a snowman until we all got really cold and had to go inside. It was always my job to set the table. In the middle of me setting the table I heard "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" in my Aunt Laura's and Aunt Colleen's voices. In excitement I dropped the napkins I was holding and ran to the door. I instantly hugged them both while everyone gathered behind me to greet them as well. I added two more place settings and finished setting the table. After a while of the adults talking it was time to eat. We ate then opened the presents that we had for one another. It was such a great surprise to have us all together. We talked and caught up on what we all had been missing out on in eachother's lives. When I think of my greatest holiday that one always is the first that comes to my mind!

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