My Memorable Trip To Jamaica

My favorite holiday was hands down my trip to Jamaica. I got a cruise tickets at a very discounted rate because I went to Florida and waited for cruises that weren't full. It works just like how the airlines offer last minute tickets for planes that aren't full of passengers, and I got a great rate. This made the trip excellent before it started because I did not have to pay the usual rate for a really great cruise. The cruise included gourmet food that was free everyday, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. There was an on deck swimming pool, and I relaxed a lot of the trip by the poolside, enjoying myself. There were shows to go see, a recreation program, and even a gym. The days of sailing to Jamaica were awesome. I knew that I would get to Jamaica, but the journey itself was part of the holiday. I had drinks at the bar, got a great tan, and got to meet and talk to a bunch of interesting people from all walks of life. When we got to Jamaica, I wandered some of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen in my life. The native people are very open and friendly, and are quick to share information about their city and where the best places are to go shopping or to eat at. One of the best meals I had while I was in Jamaica came from a shack next to the beach. They served jerk chicken, and when I say it was delicious, it was definitely and understatement! Not only did I have to pay only a few dollars, it was some of the best tasting stuff I have ever eaten. I feel like I got a taste of Jamaican cuisine and experienced a small part of Jamaican culture.

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