My Greatest Holiday Experience in Florida

One year, my family and I went on a long trip down south! It was a three week vacation which would include Christmas and New Years. We live in Michigan, so the drive to Florida felt like it took forever. We stopped in Atlanta, Georgia to visit with my Uncle. It was fun and it was also a nice break from driving. We kept going down to Orlando. We stopped in at Disney and had so much fun! We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Blizzard Beach. I really enjoyed all of the days we spent at Disney. We also went to see my dad's brother in Tampa Bay. We got to visit with him and my aunt and my two cousins.

Even though it was December, we were outside playing baseball. We spent Christmas day in our hotel. We had brought some presents with us to share, and we had a cozy experience. We were all together and sharing a fun moment. We still kept up our tradition of reading the story of Jesus birth on Christmas. It was great to be in a new place, but still be able to have Christmas our way. It was weird to not have a white Christmas, but it was nice being so warm on Christmas day! One of my favorite parts of the trip, though, was New Years Eve. New Years is one of my favorite holidays because everyone gathers together to celebrate and have a lot of fun. This New Year's, we could not have any friends over, though. Instead, we watched a marathon of the Three Stooges! I still remember my family laying on the hotel beds and laughing so hard! We laughed again and again as the New Year was arriving. That will forever be one of my favorite moments with my family.

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