Jordanian Joy by the Dead Sea

The country of Jordan is famous all over the world for the natural attraction it holds for tourists in the form of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the most salty sea of the world, and because of the salt concentration in its waters, there are no waves. This makes it appear like a rocky dark ground on the surface.

I visited the Dead Sea in the heat of June this year. The salty and dry breezes were relaxing the view of the darkness of the sea was no less than exhilarating. People of all kinds and ages, ranging from fair-skinned locals to foreign-looking tourists, could be seen on the sea side. Couples sat by the sea on the rocks, holding hands, whispering living things to each other. It was undoubtedly a romantic place for them! Some people lowered themselves in the salty water of the Dead Sea, which is known for its healing powers. It is meant to heal various skin diseases as well as the problems in the joints. Some people merely ambled on the sea side and dipped their feet occasionally in the waters. The moon above us shined and the shadow casted by the moon appearing on the surface of the Dead Sea made it even more beautiful and charming all the same.

The Dead Sea Panorama has been built to enhance the natural beauty of the place. In addition to the Dead Sea Panorama there was a restaurant there too where people helped themselves to the joys of Jordanian food which is nutritious and filling at the same time. I captured various photographs of the Dead Sea Panorama which was so stunning that it will always remain unforgotten in my mind. The dimness of the waters, the moon overhead, the smells and sights of the place are etched forever in my memories.

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