How to Manage Workers Remotely While on Holiday

What could be more fulfilling than experiencing everything the world has to offer while still maintaining a career back home? Thanks to modern technology, the futuristic dream of being able to holiday (or even live) in far-flung locations and enjoy new experiences while keeping up to date with work is now a reality. If you plan your travels right, you could be eating pho in Vietnam or trekking the Inca Trail, all the while knowing work is only a minute away if you wish it to be.

However, what about managing your employees while you're away, whether it's for six days or six months? It can be tricky, but the following tips will have you on the road or in the air in no time!

Plan Before You Go
Knowing what will be going on while you're away is a key part of being able to enjoy your holiday. That way, you can keep an eye on things back home without getting more involved than necessary - you'll have a clear idea of what is going on, and you'll know what to expect. Brief your employees about any changes that will be necessary in your absence, and how they should keep you updated. Make sure your employees know that you'll be available - in the modern age, going on holiday doesn't mean you're dropping off the side of the earth, and your employees should be aware that you are still within reach and willing to help if they need you. Keeping the channels of communication open also ensures they won't neglect their duties by believing you're not paying attention.

Encourage the Use of Collaboration Software for Online Proofing

With the help of collaboration software, all you need to manage your employees and keep up to date is a reliable internet connection!

Even if you're not completing work yourself while away, a tool like Trello allows you to monitor what your employees are doing. You can also set tasks for your employees by assigning them to cards while you're away, which they are then able to mark as complete when the job is done. Relaxing will be a lot more rewarding if you can be content that things are running smoothly in your absence!

Another helpful tool for the individual working remotely, PageProof is a online proofing which allows employees to work together on projects. The online proofing system can help immensely with managing while you're away from the office; using this revolutionary tool, employees from different departments are able to collaborate easily and effectively, and the system makes it easy for you to keep an eye on how things are progressing. One of PageProof's early promises was ease of use for their clients, and they certainly deliver on this promise - the software is easy to adapt to, and enjoyable to use. When you incorporate easy-to-use proof approval software into your work, your employees could choose to be based in different places too, if you were to allow it - collaboration software allows for a great amount of flexibility.

Ensure That You Enjoy Your Time Away

It might be tempting to scrutinise what's going on back home, but try to remember that your employees are competent, capable individuals, and barring an emergency, things will probably not fall apart in your absence! Using the aforementioned methods will allow you to maintain control while you're away, but don't forget to enjoy yourself as well. Your employees should know to inform you about any emergencies, and with online collaboration tools you can easily track the progress of projects back home, so rest easy knowing everything's under control!

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