Holiday Cost: Fifty Pounds, Holiday Value: Priceless

My favourite holiday was taken with my fiancÚ while we were saving up for our wedding. We had both been working hard and we needed a break, but we couldn't afford to go anywhere fancy or stay in a hotel. We borrowed a 2-man tent from a friend (although I do not believe that two full grown men could have fitted inside it!) and headed off by car to Huntingdon, the next town over. We knew that we weren't going to be spending much, so to make it a fun challenge we withdrew fifty pounds in cash and decided that it would have to last for everything for the whole weekend. Almost half went immediately on camping fees and some of the rest on a bag of groceries to keep in the tent. We spent two whole days walking around Huntingdon on foot, reading every tourist information signpost, going in every shop, and visiting the city museum where we saw Oliver Cromwell's hat. We looked at sculptures in the park and spent at least an hour combing a suburb for a lost cat that we saw on a poster. One afternoon it rained and so we took shelter in a local pub and made Coke and crisps last for several hours, playing chess with a set they had for customers to use. We ate chips sitting on a bench in the deserted city centre and drank tea in tiny cafes. Most of all we talked - about things we saw, things which those things reminded us of, other holidays we had been on, other holidays we would like to go on when we had more than fifty pounds between us, places our cats had gone when they ran away in our childhoods, and hundreds more things. I recommend everybody getting married to have the same holiday - the tent was cold and leaky but the quality time was invaluable.

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