Halloween in New York City: There's Nothing Like It!

To me, Halloween always meant Trick-or-Treating or watching a scary movie with friends. But two years ago, my friends and I decided to go to Times Square for Halloween- you'd think we would have been there before, for this festive occasion, given we've lived in New York our whole lives, but sadly this wasn't the case. Leaving the house by 9pm, we arrived at Times Square by 10pm.

Everything about the trip there was as normal as ever no signs of it being a different day, since the only people in costume were my friends and I. The moment we walked out of the Seven Train terminal in Times Square was when I decided that every Halloween would be celebrated in the heart of NYC. Everyone was in costume! It looked like the biggest Halloween out-door party. Virtually any block you turned, there wasn't a "casually" dressed person to be seen. Not only was everyone in character, but a lot friendlier than a normal New York day strangers were talking to strangers, complimenting costumes. Even those dressed in the same costume, but different versions, were seen taking pictures together, then waving a friendly good-bye and "Nice to meet you!" We had stayed in Times Square for a little over an hour, until deciding to go to a lounge in Soho.

Now, the train was packed with fellow "costumers." Walking a short block towards the lounge, there was, as usual, garbage bags on the street waiting to be picked up. However, this one garbage bag plopped up and scared us! It was in fact a person, in a garbage bag, hunched over the side of the street waiting for candidates to trick- and it sure did work! The lounge in Soho was decorated with cobwebs, and even the waiters and bartenders had face masks or full out costumes. Some people even decided to go green for Halloween, and had costumes made out of recyclable material! The menu was also completely decked out in Halloween themed drinks, appetizers, and entrees. I had always known New York City was a special place, but to be able to see it on Halloween night was truly eye-opening! The fast paced, serious city finally shuts down and turns into a friendly non-stop party.

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