Flying in a Private Jet Really Shrinks the Size of the UK

My friend suggested a weekend break skiing. Given it was Thursday evening, I immediately reacted with how impossible that would be - there simply would not be enough time. Bear in mind that this conversation was taking place in an East Anglian village - hardly a hill, never mind a mountain in sight. I assumed my friend meant going abroad - and that meant booking flights and all the trouble of going to flying out of Heathrow. My friend waved away concerns and said we can charter a private jet to get us to our destination: Inverness. Before I could pick my jaw up off the floor, my friend showed my the tickets and itinerary - it was all planned by him beforehand!

We flew out of a local airport and felt like VIPs as we got into the private jet, on our way to Inverness. I rarely cast my focus beyond the south east of England, but now I realised two things: how big the UK really was, and just how fast this jet was taking us to the opposite end of it. The flight time was a little over an hour by my reckoning and we found ourselves in the north of Scotland, with the weather reminding us that we are still in the tail end of winter.

It was a wonderful experience, and to be honest, I enjoyed the journey there and back more than the destination - and that's coming from an avid skiier.

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