Caribbean Summer Vacation vs US Beach Spots

If you are considering a vacation in the months, don't discount the Caribbean. Why, you ask, would you possibly want to travel to a Caribbean island in the middle of summer? Fair question, I suppose, when most of you can drive less than 50 miles to be on the shore.

You do realize that the rest of the United States only has to drive 50 miles as well before you probably see the point of this. Let's face it, some crowds are great. People watching is one of the best no impact activities of a beach vacation. It requires slightly less energy than reading the sports section with a coffee as you start the day. However, not all crowds are created equally.

Sometimes, you just want some space to yourself. It's unlikely you get that peace and tranquility anywhere remotely popular on the East Coast come a weekend in July or August. I am pretty easy going, and can live with a few more people than I would ideally have around. So maybe we need to make dinner reservations a few days in advance. No worries, that is easy.

However, when you are making your plans for your summer beach vacation have you considered the weather? If you can only spare five days out of the office, this entire summer, are you willing to gamble on the weather in Ocean City, Maryland being perfect? Realistically, you will lose at least one of those days to rain. There are a couple movie theaters within five miles, no? Yes, there are. There are also 100,000 other people with children that need to something todo while it rains on your parade.

So if you don't want to spend your hard earned paid time off sitting in traffic, or anxiously waiting for the Weather channel to update your chance of a little sunshine, book a trip to the Virgin Islands this summer.

The chance of rain is just about zero. The crowds from Spring Break have left long ago. As you probably remember, the Virgin Islands are both British and US. The British Virgin Islands or BVI's are slightly less crowded and busy, while the USVI or United States Virgin Islands is home to mass tourism as it is a stop for cruise ships. Depending upon the length of your trip, getting to the airport in Beef Island, Tortola could prove to be a bridge too far.

In that case, fly into St. Thomas and stay at one of the many deluxe beach resorts. You can shop duty free to your hearts content. It's possible to even sneak a day trip over to the BVIs or just to St. John. Ferries leave frequently from both Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie. If your time is your greatest asset, then this will prove to be the most economical trip as their are direct flights from many US cities.

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