Buying a Second Hand Static Caravan

There are numerous reasons to purchase a second hand caravan with the two major options being on a holiday park or for an off site purchase for use on private land and both scenarios require some thought on the purchasing process.

The majority of trade in second hand static caravans or lodges is on a holiday park with static caravans for sale where an owner of a holiday caravan wants to sell their caravan and the sale usually takes place through the holiday park themselves and they will typically take a commission. This is usually the case on parks that are owned by the large park operators, some smaller parks will let you sell your own caravan privately and may not take a commission, both buyers and sellers in these situations need to look at the relevant parks lease agreements.

First consider what you want from your caravan in terms of size and how many people it will accommodate. Static caravans come in a wide range of sizes and if you are a couple looking for a second home that only you and your family will use, you may want to choose the option of a smaller and cheaper model, probably with two bedrooms. The majority of parks now will let you sub-let your caravan to help cover costs and if you are going to sub-let, you might want to choose a three bedroom caravan that comfortably sleeps six people as there is more demand for these caravans in the letting side of the business.

Larger caravans will be more expensive and newer caravans will be more expensive as a rule. You should aslo check the lease agreement as the majority of holiday parks with caravans for sale in the UK have fixed terms, usually around 15 years from new for a static carvan and 25 or 30 years for a holiday lodge. This will be from when the caravan was first sited as new so the number of years left on the lease will be reflected in the value.

Finally the condition of the static caravan is really important. Caravans are actually fairly simple in construction and issues are usually easy to spot. Water ingress is probably the most important issue, leaks are not always easy to fix and if you have water ingress, you will usually see some staining on a wall or ceiling. Always check the condition of the chassis, older caravans will not have galvanised chassis and if they are sited near the sea, salt corrosion on the steel could be a major issue. The other element is general wear and tear, the more wear and tear that is visible, the more the caravan has been used or it could reflect a lower build quality.

In terms of wear and tear, the obvious places are carpets and the seating, carpets are usually very easy to replace in static caravans and upholsterers can deal with seating issues although they will be more expensive and a pain. Make sure that you check all electrical equipment in a caravan such as ovens and hobs, built in fridge freezers and the heating system. Ideally, all of the electrical equipment should be checked before you agree a purchase of a caravan.

Static caravans for sale off site are usually for people that have a plot of land and the relevant permissions to site a caravan for their own use or for commercial use. Within the garden of your property, you do have the right to site a static caravan although there are limitations on use, check with your local council. Used static caravans are often used for commercial purposes such as temporary staff accommodation, offices or storage and it is always wise to check with your local council regarding the necessary permissions required for siting an off site caravan.

User Anecdotes

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"I purchased a second hand static caravan a couple of years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The price was significantly cheaper than a brand new one, allowing me to enjoy the benefits of a caravan without breaking the bank. Before making the purchase, I did thorough research on the make and model, as well as inspected the caravan for any signs of wear and tear. I was lucky enough to find a caravan that had been well-maintained by its previous owner and didn't require any major repairs. Since buying it, I've had countless family vacations at a fraction of the cost of renting a vacation home or staying in hotels. I will say that it's important to factor in the maintenance costs of owning a caravan, but even with that in consideration, I've saved a substantial amount of money on vacations. Overall, I highly recommend looking into second hand static caravans if you enjoy vacationing with your family or friends, as they can be a cost-effective and comfortable way to travel.
Maria S.

My husband and I bought a second hand static caravan about 5 years ago, and we've used it for several family vacations since. We've had some great experiences, but I must admit there have been a few bumps along the way. One thing we didn't anticipate was the possibility of hidden issues with the caravan that weren't evident at the time of purchase. About a year after buying the caravan, we discovered a problem with the plumbing that required a costly repair. That being said, the overall cost of owning the caravan has still been much less than renting vacation homes or hotels for our trips. If you're considering buying a second hand static caravan, I would recommend having an expert inspect it before making a purchase to avoid any unexpected issues down the line. Overall, we have no regrets in buying our caravan and truly love the freedom it allows us when vacationing.
Thierry P.

I bought a second hand static caravan about a year ago and it was a good decision, but I did encounter a few challenges. The main challenge was finding a suitable location to park the caravan. Many caravan parks have strict rules and regulations, and some even prohibit older models or second hand caravans. It took me a while to find a caravan park that would accept my second hand caravan, but once I did, it was smooth sailing from there. I would advise anyone looking to buy a second hand static caravan to research the rules and regulations of the caravan parks in their desired area before making a purchase. Additionally, make sure to thoroughly inspect the caravan for any potential issues, as repairs can be expensive. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and enjoy the convenience and cost savings that come with owning a second hand static caravan.
Yumi T."

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