A Quieter, Alternative Look at Manchester as a Holiday Destination

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Manchester is already a hub destination for the north west. On any given weekend, you'll find people from all over the north west coming into Manchester for a night out. In fact, that's how most people associate Manchester - a nightlife city. If you go by sheer numbers, they're not wrong. There's no end of music and drinking venues dotted around the northern quarter, Piccadilly Gardens, Oxford St, Canal St, Deansgate, etc.

However, what else does Manchester have to offer outside the city centre? Quite a lot, it turns out! Let's look at what you could get up to in Manchester that doesn't involve clubbing.

The suburbs: a step back in time
If you want a true Mancunian experience, you don't have to travel so far. Get on the 192 bus up to somewhere like Levenshulme or Heaton Chapel and you can find plenty of pubs to experience the local atmosphere. This is a different experience from the city centre, which has been gentrified (in a good way)...but hey, this article is about an alternative experience, remember?

There's a rich music scene outside the city centre
There are pubs like the Dulcimer Bar in Chorlton that cater to a more discerning crowd. There you'll find balearic DJs playing quieter sets. In fact, if you visit places like Didsbury, Withington, Chorlton, Heaton Moor and Heaton Chapel in the spring and summer, you can find some pubs putting on specific music nights that cater to niche music categories.

Disley and beyond
The Peak District is on Manchester's doorstep, and you can find yourself as far away as Buxton in only just over an hour from Manchester city centre. You can easily do a day trip to somewhere like Buxton and return to your Manchester city centre hotel for an evening out in the city.

The surrounding towns

If you want a true provincial taste of the north west, you can find it in places like Rochdale, Wigan, Bury, Bolton and Stockport. They're wonderfully unfashionable places to soak up everyday life in the north west.

The spirit of this article is to see where the out-of-towners are heading to, and to head in the opposite direction! Manchester is a huge, sprawling area full of interesting things - next time you're in Manchester, check for the buses and trains to the suburbs and beyond!

Article kindly provided by jacksonheim.co.uk