A Quick Look At Three Hidden Treasures In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most luxurious places to get away from the gloomy British winter time, with glorious sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches.

But while most of us would think of the likes of Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas when it comes to the Caribbean, the region is home to some real hidden gems.

We're going to take a look at three of the best destinations which often go under the radar which you might want to checkout if you're considering a luxury Caribbean break.


Martinique is actually an overseas region of France, and as such, it is considered part of the European Union so you won't need a visa and they even use the Euro as currency.

Even though you might not have heard of itor have thought to visit it, tourism is a huge part of Martinique's economy, with as many of 7% of the population 16% of businesses being part of the tourism sector.

There's plenty to see and do on this island in the Lesser Antilles, with the highlight being Mount Pelee, a 1,397-metre-high volcano which is the tallest point on the island.

This volcanic activity means that many of the beaches toward the north end of the island have grey and black sand, but if you venture further down south you'll find the traditional white beaches, suchas Les Salines.

Turks & Caicos Islands

Situated in the Lucayan Archipelago are theTurks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory which is home to some of the very best beaches in the Caribbean.

In particular, Grace Bay beach was named the best beach in the whole world by Advisor in their Travelers Choice class="MsoNormal">There's also plenty to do, such as snorkelling and diving, with one of the biggest barrier reefs in the world.

We spoke to the Haven who said: "20 years ago, pretty much nobody knew where the Turks & Caicos Islands were, and while it's certainly got a lot more popular since, it's still a lot quieter than the better known neighbouring islands, which has made it popular with a lot of famous faces!


Known as "The Spice of the Caribbean", Grenada is one of the world's largest producers of nutmeg and mace, but the nickname rings true in more ways than one!

It's one of the largest of the Grenadines,and is home to a number of beautiful beaches such as the three-kilometre Grand Anse, or the quieter La Sagesse, Bathway or Levera.

Further inland you'll also find a number of spectacular waterfalls such as Annandale, which is only a short way from the capital of St. Georges, and is a great place to head for a hike and a picnic.

You'll also want to check out one of themany rum distilleries in Grenada, such as the Antoine Rum which is the oldest distillery still working in the whole Caribbean.

Article kindly provided by bluehaventci.com