A Maldivian Paradise Fit for a Princess

I was more excited about my honeymoon than my wedding – we had decided to go all out and book the trip of a life time. We decided on the Maldives, not the most adventurous but I had never been so far away or to somewhere so exotic. We arrived after a 12 hour flight pretty tired and the heat hit you in the face as you stepped off the plane. We were to get to our island by sea plane, which in itself was a massive adventure. The water was so blue and so clear you could see right to the bottom and even where the sea planes took off and landed you could see colourful fish swimming happily around beneath you.

The sea plane was fun, although it was hot and stuffy, but the views made up for it. Thousands of tiny islands sprawled below and as we can into land you could actually see the giant sting rays sunbathing lazily in the shallower waters. Our hotel wasn’t really a hotel it was a tiny island with 70 water bungalows, a bar and a restaurant. It looked just like it did in the brochures. As we walked up the jetty we saw basking sharks and an octopus. The water was crystal clear and the sand bright white. Our room was out on a little jetty on white metal stilts that were directly above the water. The room had a glass floor so you could see the water below and the marine life was incredible. In 10 minutes I’d seen angel fish, clown (nemo) fish, more octopus and so many others which I don’t know the name of. T

he room had a balcony with steps which went down into the sea. The water was hot, just like a bath. Going for a swim was one of the first things I did. We spent all week lying either in the water or on our glass floor looking down and spotting the fish. We bought a fish chart from the reception and marked them off as they swam past. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all week and the food and company were amazing. It really was paradise and definitely fit for a princess!

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