A Guide to Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown's spectacular scenery, vibrant town centre and lively food scene has made it one of the most popular travel destinations in New Zealand. All year round people flock there to see the sights and experience the adventurous Queenstown activities. Here are few things to know about the area:

Things to Do in Queenstown
There is a wide selection of things to do in Queenstown, whether you're looking to relax and unwind or have a wild adventure. Popular Queenstown activities guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping include bungee jumping, jet boating, white water rafting and skydiving.

Most Queenstown activities are accessible all throughout the year, but in the winter season skiing is on offer at four ski areas. For slower paced trip, there are many biking and hiking trails to explore, along with guided tours, boat cruises and scenic flights that give you the chance to see the most breathtaking sights in Queenstown. If you've got the time, it's worth taking the 2-hour drive to Te Anua, where you can depart on a stunning Sound to Eat in Queenstown
Queenstown has one of the best food scenes in New Zealand. From award winning cafes and restaurants to boutique diners and dessert joints, visitors and locals can indulge in a range of cuisines and dining experiences. There are also plenty of places to grab a meal on the go, whether you're craving sushi, some pastry or a generously sized gourmet burger. There are loads of places to get a great burger in Queenstown, but none more popular than Fergburger. Known for its inventive, high-end buyers, Fergburger has become a famous Queenstown attraction in itself. It's not often you can visit this restaurant without queues of people outside waiting to get in.

Queenstown Climate
Queenstown enjoys a year-round appeal with each season offering a unique experience. Summer days in Queenstown are long and warm, while the winter is cool, crisp and clear. The winter season attracts skiers, snowboarders and snow enthusiasts from all around the world. With its snow-capped mountains, pristine waters and clear blue skies, it is the ideal location for a winter holiday. There isn't much difference between season rainfall in Queenstown. March is usually the wettest month while July tends to be the driest. Most precipitation during winter comes in the form of snow.

Getting Around Queenstown
The best way to see all the beauty Queenstown has to offer is to travel around by car. If you need to hire a car, rental from a number of trusted providers are available at the town centre. You can also find rentals at Queenstown which is located just 15 minutes from downtown Queenstown.

Visitors and locals are encouraged to walk, cycle and bike around Queenstown. It's a great way to get to places within short distances and enjoy all of the surrounding views to the fullest. Queenstown features plenty of lakeside walking, cycling and biking tracks that make this possible.

Queenstown also offers public transport. Buses and coaches are regularly available to take passengers throughout the town and the wider Queenstown region, visiting various Queenstown attractions. Many hotels offer free shuttle services to drive you from the town centre.

Queenstown Accommodation

Queenstown offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all ages, budgets and personal styles. Motels are spread throughout the central town area, close to Queenstown activities and attractions. There are loads of great resorts and hotels within walking distance to the town centre, as well as self-catering lodges with magnificent alpine views.

For those wanting to save money, backpacker accommodation is an ideal option. Some backpackers can start from as low as $24.00 per night. If you're more of a camper, there are many great holiday parks in Queenstown to choose from.

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