3 Alternatives To Buying A Timeshare For A Great Holiday

Avoid the potential nightmare faced by timeshare owners without missing out on the realising the dream of going on holiday by opting to do so via one of these three fantastic ways.

Take a Staycation

Post-Brexit Britain has seen the number of people and families opting to holiday within the UK rise by millions, with a record breaking amount also enquiring into joining those already opting to take a staycation, according to the Daily Telegraph Newspaper article: 'Staycation" boost to UK economy as millions of families shun foreign style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">.

In fact, this is one of the real silver linings of Brexit (however you might feel about the result of the Brexit vote); by spending our annual holiday savings on vacationing within the UK Brits are pooling their money back into the country and so helping to create a stronger economy. This is of course fantastic news in a Britain concerned at the effect Brexit might yet have on the British pound, as well as providing millions ofBrits with the perfect reason to rediscover their own country, culture and visit some of the many fantastic places we have here in the UK, and which many of us have been meaning to see or visit for years.

Savings can also be made when opting to take a staycation by finding accommodation via the Air BnB style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">. Air BnB operates by permitting people to advertise their own property or room(s) within their property to those looking for accommodation all over Britain, and the wider world. Then, holiday makers who opt to make the most of the accommodations provided and available via Air BnB often enjoy a far more homely, spacious and generally less impersonal and soulless accommodation, whilst enjoying saving a considerable amount of money too.

Pack Up and Head Off on a PackageHoliday

The package holiday has skyrocketed by 1.5 million more people this year (2016) in comparison to the previous year, as discussed and covered further in the Mirror Newspaper article: Why Package Holidays are Back in Fashion Again this style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">.

Unlike the timeshare, the flexible nature of the package holiday has enabled it to move with the times. Hence, and whilst the 2016 package holiday might look different today to how they did twenty years ago, this is a good thing: it means that a package holiday is still a fantastic means of getting away, whilst opting to buy a timeshare and as discussed in more detail as to why via the Timeshare consumer association style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB"> (and specifically in their news article: Timeshare: "the sick cousin of thetourism style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">) is rarely if ever a good idea.

To bag a great deal, whether last minute or when booking even months in advance, opt to shirk your high street travel agent and instead shop online for your next package holiday via the Travel Supermarket style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">.

The Travel Supermarket trawls through the latest and best deals provided by over 30 different and well established travel agents operating online for you. Hence, browsing via the Travel Supermarket is likely to save you a considerable amount of time, as well as money.

Rent a Timeshare

For those genuinely tempted by the idea of timesharing, despite the negative press the industry has garnered over the years, there is an alternative to buying into a timeshare, at least initially.

Because timeshare values have plummeted in recent years, this has made selling a timeshare all but impossible for many timeshare owners. Hence, many (in an attempt to cover their annual timeshare fees) have taken to renting out their timeshare property when not making use of it themselves. One of the most popular places to search for timeshare rentals in countries around the world is via the Timeshare Exchange style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%" lang="EN-GB">.

This means that those interested in the concept of timesharing and / or curious to experience a timeshare holiday ahead of buying one or to better determine if buying a timeshare is something they may decide to do can do so. That said, even for those with no interest in timesharing or buying a timeshare, a cheap holiday abroad can none the less be had by those willing and happy to take it in a self catering accommodation within a timeshared property.

Article kindly provided by timeshare-exchange.co.uk