My Wonderful Vacation at Camp Seeley Cailfornia

I can remember as a little girl about seven years old driving up to Camp Seeley in California. The trip would take about five hours driving through winding canyons and twisting mountain roads. The anticipation would become more difficult to contain the closer we came to our destination. I remember being in awe of the towering pine trees and the abundance of lady bugs flying and fluttering around as we entered into Big Bear Mountain.

Once we arrived we would be greeted by the enthusiastic camp coordinators so they could take us to our cabin. From that point we would walk to our cabin and get ready for the upcoming weeks activities. After un-packing my first stop would be the general store. The outside of the store always reminded me of the old western movies where the cowboys would tie their horses to the rail outside. Once inside there would be a plethora of candy and treats to meet any kid’s desire. After loading up on snacks we would make our way back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. Finally at the chow hall, we would fill our bellies with hamburgers and spaghetti until we popped. The night would include a stroll along a small creek where frogs would feast on any insects that would fly into their path and the remainder of the evening would include gazing at the stars that seemed to twinkle like diamonds in the sky.

The following days would consist of a hike to a tremendous waterfall which flowed into a heart shaped cove. This would be my favorite activity the entire week. At the end of the stay the last day would end with a talent show that the kids had partook in and a bonfire with awards for every child who had come to Camp Seeley and no camping trip would be complete without smores! To this day I will never forget the amazing memories and friends I made.

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